Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The USS Flag Burner - Coming To A Navy Near You

Ray Mabus, Obama's Navy Secretary, has taken it upon himself to use his time in office to leave a mark on the Navy forever - kind of like a permanent underwear skid mark.

First, Mabus directed the naming of the San Antonio class amphibious support ship LPD-26 the 'USS John Murtha', after the corrupt Democratic Congressman, the same one that called our Marines in Iraq 'murderers'.

Second, Mabus had a  Lews and Clark class dry cargo ship named the USS Cesar Chavez, after the migrant rights leader - the same leader who called his time in the military the worst period of his life.  The USS Chavez was christened on Cinco de Mayo this year in San Diego.

Third, Mabus directed that a new Littoral Combat Ship, LCS-10, will be named the USS Gabrielle Giffords, after the Congressperson who was tragically shot and has retired from Congress.  I have nothing against Ms. Giffords, but she has nothing to do with the military whatsoever (except for the man she is married to), and her claim to being a 'heroic figure' was that she was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Now, out of San Francisco comes an effort to name a new ship after Harvey Milk, the gay rights rabble rouser who was gunned down in San Francisco in 1978.  Milk had been a Navy diver during the '50s, receiving an honorable discharge after an undistinguished service period.  Milk's fervent anti-war and anti-military stance during Vietnam made it clear to everyone what his feelings towards the military were.

It is amazing to me the arrogance of Obama and his minions.  With these namings, they are making a mockery of the military.  With all the historic ships names that are currently not used, and heroic combat veterans who deserve recognition, why are these controversial military 'haters' being honored?  We don't have a USS Lexington, a Yorktown, a Saratoga afloat.  The Enterprise is about to be retired and cut up, yet there are no plans to move the name to another ship.

Just another reason to get Obama and these jerks out of power.

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