Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Navy Colors X - CONA and More

A few more colored up birds, some of them from the Centennial of Naval Aviation, others just plain good looking aircraft ...

VT-21 Redhawks' CAG T-45C 167099.  Specially painted for CONA.  Seen at the Dyess AFB open house in April.

VT-22's CAG T-45C 167100, seen taxiing at Luke AFB.  This scheme was applied for CONA.

P-3C 158206, representing PATWING 10, stationed at NAS Whidbey Island.  This CONA scheme represents the one carried by Navy Patrol Planes in the early Vietnam era.

VAQ-141's CAG Growler, trapping aboard the USS George Washington.

This wildly painted E-2C Hawkeye belongs to VAW-125.

VFA-2's CAG Super Hornet launching from a waist catapult.

All photos credit US Navy, except for 167099, which was taken by yours truly.

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