Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Hero Passes ...

George Vujnovich passed away on April 24, at the age of 96.

Mr. Vujnovich was an OSS intelligence agent during WWII.  (The OSS was the father of today's CIA.)

In 1944, he organized Operation Halyard, a behind enemy lines mission that rescued over 500 downed US airmen who were hiding at various locations in Serbia.  The fact the mission happened, along with the details, were lost in classified history for many years, until uncovered and documented in Gregory Freeman's 2007 book, The Forgotten 500.

Although I consider myself knowledgable about WWII, I had never heard about this mission until I read Mr. Freeman's book.  If you have an interest in the subject, I highly recommend reading the book - it is an incredible story, one that reads like fiction.

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