Friday, September 10, 2010

Navy Colors, Part IV

Last group for now ...

Beautifully marked VMFA-312 F-18C Hornet launching off a waist catapult on board the USS Harry S. Truman. Note the live bomb under the right wing.

VMFA-232's CAG bird passing over the USS after a missed approach. The squadron was deployed aboard the USS Nimitz.

A VRC-30 C-2A Greyhound catching a wire about the USS Eisenhower. C-2s provide transporation to and from the ship for personnel and material while a carrier is deployed.

This incredible paint job was applied to a VRC-30 C-2 to commemorate the squadron's 50th Anniversary. The aircraft is hooked up to a forward catapult on the USS George H W Bush.

VFA-143's CAG F-18E launching from the waist catapult off the USS Eisenhower. Markings are in dark blue, as is the 'Pukin Dogs' squadron insignia on the tail. Officially a winged griffon, the motif looks like a dog with a hangover - hence the nickname.

This wildly painted VFA-137 bird is a tribute to the Navy's new Digi-blue BDUs. The odd blotches you see are actually representations of the block shaped camo patterns seen on the Navy's new working uniforms. Pretty cool. Aircraft is seen launching off the outer waist catapult on the USS Lincoln.

VFA-97 's CAG F-18C, NH-300 is seen here about to catch the 3 wire on the USS Nimitz.

VFA-94's F-18C 164227 , seen over Mt. Fuji. The Mighty Shrikes squadron was forward deployed to MCAS Iwakuni, Japan.

Two views of F-18F 166842. VFA-41 Black Aces' CAG bird, assigned to the USS Nimitz.

All Photos Credit US Navy

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Mike said...

The C-2's you have shown above are not part of VRC-30. Those are Norfolk, Virginia based VRC-40 birds. The Providers would never allow such an atrocious paint scheme.