Friday, September 10, 2010

Navy Colors, Part II

Part II - more gloriously colored aircraft from the present day Navy and Marines ...

VAQ-129's first F-18G Growler. This two seat Hornet model is the replacement for the EA-6B Prowler, and is starting to enter front line squadron service.

An SH-60B of HSL-51. Tail markings are red, with a Rising Sun motif.

MH-60S of HS-8, the "8 Ballers", attaching to a slingload on board the USS Stennis. Tail markings are black/gold/green, front of the aircraft is black with an "8 Ball' - appropriate!.

CAG Hornets from Air Wing Five. These spectacularly marked aircraft are forward deployed to Japan with the rest of CVW-5, the only Air Wing based outside of the United States.

F-18F 166805, CAG bird of VFA-211, catching a 3 wire onboard the USS Enterprise.

VFA-32 Swordsmen CAG bird, F-18F 166661, flying off the USS Hary S. Truman.

VFA-103's BuNo 166620, serving as its CAG bird, pulling some Gs in a high AofA. The Jolly Rogers were flying off the Eisenhower at the time.

MH-60S 166356 of HCS-25, preparing to pick up a load off the stern of the USS Washngton. The Squadron's nickname is 'The Knights'. Tail art consits of a couple of palm trees, with a couple of mounted crusading Knights - not exactly poilitically correct these days .....

HSC-26's MH-60S Seahawk CAG helo, BuNo 166295. Seen here after dropping a sling load of bombs onto a carrier deck during UnRep. Tail markings are dark blue with yellow/gold markings.

A couple of shots of the VFA-102 Diamondbacks F-18F CAG bird, BuNo 165894, Top shot shows it launghing from the waist catapult, bottom shows hook down in the approach pattern for landing.

All photos credit US Navy.

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