Friday, September 10, 2010

Navy Colors, Part III

And another dose ... you just can't get enough of this stuff.

Three shots showing VFA-32's CAG (AC-200) and Squadron Commander's (AC-201) F-18Fs.

VFA-31's CAG F-18E coming aboard the USS Roosevelt. The Felix the Cat mascot toting a bomb is one of the oldest flying squadron insignia in the US Navy.

Two shots of the VFA-14 Tophatter's CAG bird. Top shot is just after launch from a waist catapult, bottom is taking tension on the catapult just prior to being flung off the front end of the carrier. USS Nimitz.

Two CAG birds from the USS Lincoln. A two seat F-18F from VFA-2 leads a single seat F-18E from VFA-137.

VFA-2's CAG bird demonstrating a high performance climb out after takeoff. F-18F 165916, NE-200, flying off the USS Lincoln.

An E-2C of the VAW-120 Greywolves, landing on a carrier deck. Note the grey painted forward part of the fuselage, and the grey/black tail markings and engine nacelles. Definitely non-standard markings!

VAW-117's CAG bird pulling into its parking spot at NAS Pt. Mugu, returing from a shipboard deployment. BuNo 165649, NH-600, had just spent the previous 6 months on the USS Nimitz as part of CVW-1.

Aircraft of CVW-5 never pass up a photo chance over Mt. Fuji, near their forward deployed base of NAF Atsugi, Japan. This VAW-115 CAG bird is seen in formation with one of its more sedately painted squadron mates over said Mt. Fuji, while the Air Wing was still assigned to the USS Kittyhawk (recently retired from active duty service). Tail markings consist of the Rising Sun, with the NF air wing indicator being in pseud'Japanese letters.

All photos credit US Navy

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For an Airforce brat, you are doing a pretty good job of flying those Navy colors! lol Thanks, it is much appreciated.