Friday, May 20, 2011

Uncle Jack and Thunderbird

I ran across this video over at Warbird Information Exchange. It is kind of long (16 minutes), but is well worth the view. It details TV actor Gary Sinese's efforts to get his Uncle Jack a ride in a B-17. Jack Sinese was a B-17 navigator in WWII. Gary's friendship with the folks at Lone Star Flight Museum worked out, and surprise - Jack finds himself on a ride in Thunderbird.

This is pretty neat ...

p.s. - Cousin Gumby flew the Fort during this flight, his is the voice you hear asking Jack if he wants to go flying.

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DrDucati900 said...

I watched the video. Nice reunion. The story he told is so similar to one my late uncle told I wonder if Jack was his navigator. I guess lots of similar things happened but it would be interesting to know the name of his aircraft that day.