Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Stealth Hawk Used in Pakistan?

Photos released by Reuters show the wreckage of the 'Blackhawk' helicopter that was lost during the Bin Laden raid. From what I've heard, it supposedly had a mechanical failure and was destroyed on site. The helo was the one that landed inside the compound. What was left of the main body of the helo was burnt to an unrecognizable crisp ... BUT the tail rotor fell off or broke off sometime during the raid, ending up on the other side of a wall.

Photos of the tail rotor give some pretty definite hints that this was a special, previously unknown (at least to me) version of the Blackhawk family. The tail rotor appears to be optomized for stealth, with deflectors and fairings that appear to be designed to defeat radar.

This photo shows the top of the tail rotor assembly. It is resting on the very back of the tail, with the fuselage (or where the fuselage would normally be, pointing up to the sky.

Very interesting ... Can't wait to see one of these intact!

Photo credit Reuters

Update - Pakistan officials will release the tail rotor back to US possession, as a result of a visit from US Senator John Kerry. While on the surface, this seems to be good news, it doesn't really matter. Pakistan gave full access to the piece to Chinese military officials and scientists, who had all the time they needed to take it apart, study it, and take samples of the materials.

Pakistan - with allies like this, who needs enemies?

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