Sunday, February 23, 2014

Heroes Pass ...

Commander Robert Heid, age 92, passed away on Feb. 15.  Commander Heid was a 26 year Navy veteran, a Naval Aviator who flew combat missions from the deck of the USS Enterprise during WWII. 

Lt. Colonel James Armstrong, age 90, passed away Jan. 22.  Col. Armstrong was a 23 year Marine, a Naval Aviator who flew Marine PBJ bombers in the South Pacific and China in WWII.  He was awarded two Distinguished Flying Crosses, and 6 air medals during the conflict.  He again went to war in Korea, flying Corsairs in support of Marines on the ground,  He also volunteered to fly Piper Cubs on spotting and recon missions.  He was awarded another DFC for actions in those Cubs.  After retirement, he served as Texas Instrument's chief pilot.

Bobby Hazelwood, age 81, passed away on Jan. 26.  Hazelwood served in the USAF, piloting Century Series fighters for 10 years. 

Godspeed, gentlemen ...

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