Friday, August 5, 2011

A Hero Passes

Col. Arthur K. Murray passed away July 25th, at the age of 92, in the town of West, Texas.

Col. Murray joined the Army in 1939. He flew P-40s in North Africa, where he was awarded the Air Medal with 8 Oak Leaf Clusters. Later, he served as a P-47 flight instructor, prior to being trained as a test pilot and transferring to Muroc AAF (to become Edwards AFB).

During his time at Muroc, he flew many aircraft, including the XF-92, XP-59, P-80, P-51, B-43, B-45, B-25, P-82, F-84, X-1A, X-1B, X-4, and the X-5.

"Kit" flew the X-1A, setting an altitude record of 90,000 feet in 1954. He was awarded the Distinguised Flying Cross for saving the aircraft during that same flight when it departed controlled flight. He served as the Air Force's Program Manager for the X-15, before retiring in 1961.

He worked for Boeing and Bell Helicopter before settling in Dallas and working for the city.

Godspeed, Colonel ...

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