Thursday, June 30, 2011

Airshows Can Be A Dangerous Business

On April 6, Lt. Nathan Hollingsworth and Lt. Matthew Lowe, United States Navy, lost their lives when their F-18F crashed a mile from their home base at NAS Lemoore, CA.

Assigned to VFA-122, the Navy's west coast Super Hornet training squadron, these gentlemen were the demo team assigned to fly the F-18F at airshow demonstrations this year. They were practicing their demonstration when the plane went down.

They were flying F-18F BuNo 165877, assigned to VFA-122, coded NJ-122.

Godspeed gentlemen ...

Flying airshows can be dangerous. Even flying practice for airshows can be dangerous.

These photos are of 165877, seen during a 2006 training detachment to NAS Ft. Worth. Coded NJ-141 at the time, it was one of several VFA-122 aircraft flown by fledgling Hornet pilots against home based VFA-201 in air combat training exercises. Photos by yours truly.

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