Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Navy Colors VII - Centennial Celebration in person

EA-6B 160609, VAQ-129, based at NAS Whidbey Island. Paint sheme represents the colors carried by carrier based aircraft during the Battle of Midway.

F-18C 164673, VFC-12, based at NAS Oceana.

T-6B 166064, TAW-5, based at NAS Whiting Field.

T-39N 165532, VT-86, based at NAS Pensacola.

T-34C 164172, TAW-5, based at NAS Whiting Field

T-34C 164169, TAW-5, based at NAS Whiting Field. Paint scheme represents US Coast Guard aicraft in the 1930s.

T-45C 163656, TW-2, based at NAS Kingsville.

F-18A+ 162866, VFA-204, based at NAS New Orleans. Paint scheme representes US Navy Reserve aircraft of the early 1950s.

I had the pleasure of photographing several of the specially painted Centennial of Naval Aviation aircraft at a recent airshow at NAS Ft. Worth. Very cool ...

Although very glad to get these, I was disappointed by the turnout of CONA aurcraft. Of the 24 or so specially painted birds out there, only 8 showed up. This one of the Navy sanctioned official Centennial events for the year - I would have thought we'd have gotten more of the aircraft in attendance.

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Anonymous said...

It probabably had something to do with a lack of funding for non-essentials, but you can bet your ass we still have updated presidential china at the Whitehouse!

These shots are nice, thanks for the post, I was sorry we weren't able to go this year.