Friday, February 11, 2011

Navy Colors Part VI - Centennial Celebration II

EA-6B Prowler of VAQ-129, based at NAS Whidbey Island. -129 trains crew for the EA-6B and EA-18G. This Prowler carries the scheme used by most Navy tactical aircraft at the outbreak of WWII.
The VAQ-129 Anniversary birds at NAS North Island in San Diego, recently.
TH-57C 160064, of Helicopter Training Squadron 28, based at NAS Whiting Field. This paint honors US Navy aircraft in the pre-1917 era.
TC-12B 161197 of VT-35, normally based at NAS Corpus Christi. VT-35 trains perspective aircrew for multi-engine, non-carrier based aircraft. This scheme represents Naval Aviation markings at the time of the Battle of the Coral Sea.
T-45C 165598 of Training Wing 1, based at NAS Meridian, MS. This is one variation of markings carried in the 1930s.

T-45A 163656, of Training Wing 2, based at NAS Kingsville, TX. Another variation of the 'yellow wings' schemes of the 1930s.
T-44A 160984, VT-31, based at NAS Corpus Christi. This paint honors the 1919 NC-4 flying boat that traversed the Atlantic.
T-39N 165523, VT-86, NAS Pensacola. This aircraft is used to train navigators. This blue tail scheme honors the USS Enterprise Air Wing, circa 1938.
T-34C 164169 of VT-6, based at NAS Whiting Field. It is painted to represent US Coast Guard aircraft in the 1935 era.
T-34C 161481 of VT-27, Training Wing 4, based at NAS Corpus Christi. Markings mimic those of VAW-4 in the 1930s.
T-6B 166064, of VT-3, based at NAS Whting Field. This all yellow paint job harkens back tot he days of the 'yellow peril', biplane basic training aircraft used byt he Navy.
MH-60S 166323 of HSC-3. The dark blue paint represents Navy helicopters of the 1950s.
MH-60S 166294 of HCS-2. This scheme represents Navy Helos during the Korean War.
MH-60R 166524 of HSM-41.

HH-60H 163787 of HSC-84. The dark green represents Vietnam era helicopter squadron HAL-3.

Photo Credits - Most of these are official US Navy. Others were uncredited where they were originally posted.

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