Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Obama Wants To Cut Nuke Arsenal By 40%

A Department of Energy document, presented to Congress in May but just now being let out to the public, details that Obama wants to cut the US nuclear arsenal by 40% by the year 2021.

Obama's Secretary of State Clinton back in May announced to the world that we currently had 5113 warheads in our stockpile. What exactly they wanted to accomplish by giving this information to our enemies is not clear.

Now, they've detailed that they want to cut our forces to around 3,000 warheads. This is unilateral disarmement - no one else in the world is going to cut their nuclear forces, including the Soviets and Chinese - the very countries Obama is trying to suck up to.

Unbelievable stupidity. If you want to cut the nukes, fine. But why tell all of our enemies exactly what we have and what we are doing? It's simple - Obama wants all of our enemies to be his friends, and he thinks that by appearing to be weak and appeasing they will love him as he loves himself. All they are really doing is laughing their asses off at his stupidity.

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