Sunday, May 23, 2010

Big "E" Rejoins the Fleet

After a two year refit, The USS Enterprise CVN-65 completed flight deck certification trials on May 14 prior to embarking on her 21st cruise. The nation's first nuclear powered carrier, Enterprise has received upgrades and maintenance during her two year absence from the fleet.

CVN-65 will soon set sail with Air Wing 1 (CVW-1) aboard, comprised of VFA-11 (F-18F), VFA-136 (F-18C), VFA-211 (F-18F), VMFA-251 (F-18C), VAW-123 (E-2C), VAQ-137 (EA-6B), VRC-30 Det.2 (C-2A), and HS-11 (SH-60F).
Photos - VFA-211 Super Hornets conducting flight operations during flight deck certification - US Navy photos.

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