Tuesday, April 13, 2010

NAVAIR - 2 Crashes Claim 4 Lives

A VAW-121 E-2C Hawkeye, BuNo 166508, based on the USS Eisenhower crashed in the Arabian Gulf on a normal mission on March 31. The aircraft lost power on one engine while returning to the carrier from its surveillance mission. The pilot held the aircraft steady while the other 3 crew members bailed out, but was unable to get out himself before the plane impacted the water. He gave his life so the others could get out safely.

A VT-86 T-39N Saberliner training aircraft, BuNo 165513, based at NAS Pensacola, crashed near Atlanta on April 12, killing three on board. The same area was the site of another T-39 crash back in 2006, which killed all 4 on board.

Military aviation is a deadly serious business, even during normal operations.

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