Friday, March 5, 2010

US Navy Relieves Cruiser Captain ... For What?

The US Navy relieved the captain of the cruiser USS Cowpens back on Jan. 19. The captain is still awaiting orders for a new billet.

This captain's behaviour in command was horrible beyond belief:

1) The captain assaulted at least three subordinates (pushed one, grabbed another by the arm, and (gasp) threw a wadded up piece of paper at another.

2) Several crew members complained, anonomously, about the captain using profane language.

3) The captain presided over a race with a Navy destroyer in 2009.

4) The captain once ordered a subordinate, as a disciplinary measure, to stand in a corner in view of the standing watch.

5) The captain asked a subordinate to play a piano at a Christmas party, and asked other subordinates to walk the captain's dog.

Wow ... I had no idea such evil existed in our Navy. I cannot comprehend how a captain of a guided missile cruiser (a highly sought after position) can be such a heavy handed tirant. Surely the days of pirate captains ruling their commands with such brutality have passed?

(Can you smell the sarcasm dripping from my words yet ....)

BTW - the captain relieved is Holly Graf ... that's right, a female.

Our United States Navy leadership ... what a bunch of PC pansies .....

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