Friday, February 5, 2010

Remembering Two Heroes - Forwarded

Here is a Feb. 2 post from threedonia by Outlaw13, remembering two friends who gave their lives in defense of their country ...

"Three years ago, two members of my unit were lost while flying a combat mission in Iraq. Caught in an ADA ambush with an aircraft so damaged that by 'the book', they should have landed right there, they chose to fight their attackers. Ultimately Keith and Jason's aircraft finally succumbed to its damage and fell to earth taking our friends with it. We will never forget CW4 Keith Yoakum and CW2 jason DeFrinn.

When we finally meet them at Fiddler's Green, I'm sure they will have a cold one and some stories for us. Till then, Garryowen!

For an Army Times story about that day go HERE."

Two brave Americans gave their lives in defense of their country that day. They could have saved themselves, but chose to continue to fight to defend their comrades. True heroes ... Go to the link, and honor them by reading about their sacrifice.

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