Monday, July 13, 2009

Obama Threatens to Veto Additional F-22s

Obama the Immaculate has threatened to veto his own defense bill, after Senators added funds to build an additional 7 F-22 fighters.

Obama, and his lackey in the Defense Department Gates, have stated they want to cap production at 187 aircraft. This figure is far less than the Air Force had previously determined was the minimum combat effective number of aircraft, 381, and lightyears from the original planned production run of 700+.

The F-22 is an air superiority fighter. It is intended to fight and defeat the latest Russian and Chinese fighters, which are used by those nations and dozens more around the world. Without the Raptor, air superiority over the battlefield cannot be assured, putting our ability to win a major conflict in serious doubt.

The F-22 is extremely expensive - it has been overengineered, the victim of poorly structured contracts, and low production numbers. Economy of scale never came into play with the Raptor, simply because of the low numbers. The additional 7 aircraft would have cost about $350 million each. That's a lot of money, but a drop in the Obama bucket.

7 aircraft is about half a squadron's worth. Their procurement would mean another combat deployable unit in the USAF, and with the incredible shortfall of aircraft the Air Force is facing, that could be critical in upcoming conflicts.

Update - Both House and Senate versions of the upcoming defense budget deleted all funding for the F-22, except a small amount to be used to shut down the production line. So, F-22 production will end after 187 jets have been completed. Arrogant, short sighted idiots ......


Anonymous said...

Who actually votes for these idiots? I think military service should be a prerequisit for government employees of any kind including the presidency, and maybe, just maybe these people would understand the position they are putting our military in.

Margot said...

I just heard on the news that it was taken out of the bill - I am not surprised but very sorry.

I agree with AP80 - don't tell me how to do my job or what to do it with unless you have been in my shoes.

Washington full of self serving idiots.